Source code for flask_beet

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from pprint import pprint
from flask import current_app, _app_ctx_stack, session
from sqlalchemy import Column, String
from werkzeug.local import LocalProxy
from .utils import unique_request_id
from .views import bp
from .forms import SignedMessageLoginForm

#: Default configuration
_default_config = {
    "APP_NAME": "Flask-Beet",
    "REMEMBER": True,
    "UNIQUE_MESSAGE_GENERATOR": unique_request_id,
    # VIEW
    "POST_LOGIN_VIEW": "/",
    "ONBOARDING_VIEW": "/register",
    "INVALID_PAYLOAD_MESSAGE": "Invalid payload!",
    "UNIQUE_MESSAGE_SESSION_KEY": "_signed_message_payload",
    "ONBOARDING_ACCOUNT_NAME_KEY": "_onboarding_account_name",
    "ONBOARDING_MESSAGE_KEY": "_onboarding_message",
    "LOGIN_TEMPLATE": "/beet/login.html",
    "LAYOUT_TEMPLATE": "layout.html",

[docs]class Beet(object): def __init__(self, app=None): if app is not None: # pragma: no cover self.init_app(app)
[docs] def init_app(self, app): """ Initialize app according to flask factories """ = app app.register_blueprint(bp) """ Store config variables with BEET_ prefix """ for key, value in _default_config.items(): app.config.setdefault("BEET_" + key, value) @app.context_processor def template_extras(): """ This context processor will throw a random string, store it in the session and provide it to the template """ signed_message_payload = app.config.get("BEET_UNIQUE_MESSAGE_GENERATOR")() session[ app.config.get("BEET_UNIQUE_MESSAGE_SESSION_KEY") ] = signed_message_payload beet_login_form = SignedMessageLoginForm() return dict( signed_message_payload=signed_message_payload, beet_login_form=beet_login_form, ) return app
[docs]class BeetMixin: """ This mixing is required to have knowledge over which user connects to which account """ beet_account_name = Column(String(255))
[docs] def set_beet_account_name(self, name): """ Set a beet account name """ self.beet_account_name = name
[docs] def get_beet_account_name(self): """ Get an account name """ return self.beet_account_name
[docs] @classmethod def find_beet_account_name(cls, name): """ Find a user that has this account name """ return cls.query.filter_by(beet_account_name=name).first()