flask_beet.forms module

class flask_beet.forms.SignedMessageLoginForm(formdata=<object object>, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: flask_wtf.form.FlaskForm

The login form only requires a TextArea and a submit button

message = <UnboundField(TextAreaField, ('Signed Message', [<wtforms.validators.DataRequired object>, <flask_beet.forms.ValidSignedMessage object>]), {'id': 'signedMessage'})>
submit = <UnboundField(SubmitField, ('Login',), {})>

Validates the form by calling validate on each field, passing any extra Form.validate_<fieldname> validators to the field validator.

class flask_beet.forms.ValidSignedMessage(message='Message invalid!')[source]

Bases: object

This Validator is used to check the signed message

It will return (unless exception is raised) an object that has additional attributes:

  • field.signed_by_account
  • field.signed_by_name
  • field.plain_message